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Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels


Noby-220iR2, a new and innovative 2-Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel allowing linking of up to 8 properties to allow display of fire and fault status in connected properties.

Discontinued products

Due to the changes made to the Construction Products Regulation, the following fire control panels have been discontinued as of July 2013.

Please note that a full range of replacement parts are available for all discontinued products. Please contact us with your particular requirement.


Noby-220, a compact 2-Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel.

Noby-420 2-Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel.

Noby-448 Range, including 4-Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel, Remote Keypad and 4-Zone Extender.

Noby-208 Range, 8-Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel specifically designed and approved for the Scandinavian market.

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